How to Wear Denim Shirt

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Learn how to only coordinate the most essential part of the closet in 5 different looks

The come back of 70s for fashion and the imitation of mania for music festivals (whether that always evoke the scent of Decade of flowers or not) may be some of those responsible for the proliferation of jeans shirts in the high-end and fast fashion. The fact is that the denim shirt in the girl’s wardrobe tends to be more rock ‘n’ roll from the basic (or normcore, as the fashion likes to call), and more tidy. The denim shirt is effortless to work, for the ballad and for the date.

And as mission given is mission accomplished here, respond to their concerns and we indicate five different formulas about how to use denim shirt. There are examples of success of street style to inspire your combination.

Denim shirt with skirt

The denim shirt makes the perfect combination with feminine skirts or more charming, no matter what the length is, mini, midi or maxi. With a more voluminous or wide skirt, balance the look by using the tucked-in shirt, closer to the body. If the skirt is more tight, try leaving the last buttons open and use only half the shirt to put in skirt.

Can’t it still make up your mind? Follow the ladies well by the gallery below that matched the duo denim shirt and skirt like a pro!

Denim with denim

Total denim appearance works as long as you combine two parts with different tones. Start easily with a blue denim shirt and white twill pants. If rolled, up to the level hard and combine two parts in blue jeans with different washes. To cut the vibe, Justin and Britney try to add a jacket or parka in another color and fabric.

Denim shirt with shorts

Tidier the shorts, thinking about tailoring, leather, suede or even paet, the greater the combination with the denim shirt, giving casual pieces which normally are worn and just leave the closet at night. With shorts, button the shirt up to the collar (give the sense of grace with a maxi necklace) or steal the shirt in boyfriend’s closet, fold their sleeves and use more loose waistband on the inside.

Layering with denim shirt

The denim shirt is a neutral territory, which makes itself wildcard by  making a layering  with layers and different proportions in the same look) and combining various parts. You can combine it with a knit vest to show its sleeves or sweater to show its collar. On the other hand, leave it over a printed shirt or a more ladylike dress with a belt.

Denim shirt with printed pants

The case in point here is the paisley pants but the same goes for leather pieces, cropped trousers and other models out there. As we tip, the denim shirt is versatile and serves any pattern, from chess to floral.

To recap …

  • Denim shirts are great for letting a piece more casual and charming.
  • Experiment with textures-jeans with silk, knitting or brightness always works!
  • Play with color combos-when wearing jeans, remember combining contrasting tones.

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