How to Iron a Shirt, a Jacket and Trousers

You’ll be surprised this news in CHANCE, but we really liked by two things one to be seen in person to Pedro Caballero and another to see how worked wonderful Fashion Master of Miele ironing Center.

Peter Knight left his post of trade in 2009 due to the decline in sales and was dedicated to the tasks of home delivered more… He decided to deal with the care of their three children and the House so your spouse not interrupted his business career.

Since then, Knight, has helped many, many women and men to many students who become independent during the student, with his advice, homespun which are the most help. Indeed it is followed by many, and through his collaborations in television and radio also serves as a representative of the Spanish masters of House voice.

This master of House has brought to light a series of videoconsejos in this case ironing: “is a model of autosufieciencia because Trant men and women will Ironing Board as students. Since the sooner the better, handling everything and education comes from families”.

The rhythm of a society geared to come out of the crisis redraws the roles of home. “Sooner or later domestic tasks should be shared”, says the master of House Pedro Caballero. “We are not talking about just husbands and parents who have lost their jobs. Self-sufficiency is required for anyone who takes an independent life”.

“Many men should be ironed suit before going to work”, says Álvaro Palomino, head of Miele Center Madrid. “We will introduce our product through tips which facilitate the everyday life,” he adds. During this first video Pedro Caballero shows how to iron a shirt without leaving raya, marking the trouser stripe and how to remove wrinkles from the jacket.

And as if to my same mother was seeing, Mr. Pedro gives a kind of master ironing for various types of jackets, such as leather jacket. The first thing the sleeves and cuffs. You have to iron the sleeve without reaching the edges so that the stripe is not marked. And then go turn it and do the same, this way we will avoid such fearsome stripes on the sleeves.

However, that pants can lucir marked large stripe, it is best to take the pants upside down, and to mark it better, give you with a dry bar of SOAP, so will be more defined. Remember to press the area of zipper, button and pockets.

The best advice is, when in doubt, press reverse, so that it is not damaged.

If you liked these ideas of the most suggestive for all, can attend the showroom Miele Center Madrid (Avda 31 Brussels, Alcobendas) will host its first course of ironing on Thursday, February 16, from 12:00 to 13:00.

Pedro Caballero will teach ironing shirts with decorations and reliefs, poles with the buttons, jeans, cashmere and angora sweaters and fleece baby jacket. Attendees can also try the Fashion Master. By 2015, they will produce new video tips on other tasks and products for the home, such as the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine and oven.