How to Iron a Shirt – Step-by-Step Guide

Moment of grace and pleasure adored by all … FALSE!

For the majority of men, ironing a shirt is associated with the darkest hours in our history. (just that !)

In order not to leave you in total destitution in front of this ungrateful spot, I decided to help you; But also because we NEVER wear a shirt not ironed and that there is no question of leaving this task exclusively to women (we are in 2015 fucking !!).

Here’s the ultimate guide from Yellowpagesintheusa to learning how to iron your shirts .

Find below our detailed video and our step-by-step guide to not miss anything.

Simple and clear.

How To Iron A Shirt?

Have a good iron, which you have previously filled with water. We used here a  Braun CareStyle 5 for its powerful steam which greatly facilitates the work.

Unfold the entire shirt. There is no question of letting it button down! Then follow this step-by-step guide!

  1. WRISTBANDS: Start with this part of the shirt, from the inside.
  2. SLEEVE: spread the sleeve on the board and smooth it with the palm of the hand to make disappear the folds before passing the iron. Iron the sleeve from the shoulder to the end of the sleeve along the seam of the sleeve. Once at the end, pay attention to wrinkles at the wrist. To make a fold along the arm, iron the sleeve completely!
  3. COL: Place it flat on the board, then smooth with the hand and stretch it. Iron completely, inside out. Do not forget the collar foot (this small part that makes the junction between the collar and the rest of the shirt).
  4. BACK: Slide the end of the ironing board into the sleeve to have a tight shoulder. Then iron the back half completely. Turn the shirt over by placing the second sleeve in the same place and iron the back in the same way.
  5. FRONT of the shirt (front side): do not iron the buttons directly in contact with the soleplate of the iron. Turn over the part where the buttons on the side of the board are placed so that it sinks into the board. With your iron, simply iron as usual (but without pressing too much as you will feel the buttons !!). With the Carestyle 5 unit, use the curved sole to iron backwards (as in the video ). Iron the other part (or the buttonholes) by pressing firmly to smooth the groove.
  6. REAR of the shirt (side pile): it is the simplest! Place a piece of cloth flat on the board and smooth with your hand, then iron it again. Do the same with the other pan and with the back. This is really the simplest time!